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LK600 Inkjet Printer

LK600 Inkjet Printer

Standard model for inkjet printing with double worktables

Worktable for inkjet printing: OPTIONAL semi-automatic or full-automatic clamping mechanism

Manual operation mode: average production efficiency can reach above 180panels/hour.

With the industry’s 1st double tiled parallel carriers (HPCR™) for inkjet printing process, it is capable of maximizing parallel operation and improving production efficiency.

It can be loaded with different production job files, and the left and right worktable can perform operation independently at the same time, realizing the function of two single printers.

The number of printheads is 4-9 optional. The configuration can be optimized according to the requirements of production efficiency to reduce the cost of use and maintenance.

With the industry pioneer technology of rotary cleaning system, it is capable of further reducing equipment floor area.

The software system is more friendly and intelligent with the function of online fast reading board edge codes.

Single machine can be upgraded online to the main printer for the automatic production line, which is convenient and fast with minimum new investment.