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With long term commitment to intelligent PCB inkjet printing solution, 

HI-PRiNT Technology originates creating the high-speed inkjet printing equipment with tiled double parallel carriers (HPCRTM) in the industry. 

On this basis Hi-Print has conducted further R&D of different series inkjet printing equipment as well as their automation solutions.

Inkjet printing technology has been widely recognized in the PCB industry due to its advantages of overall digitization of its manufacturing process.

Compared with the conventional screen printing process of PCB, this digital inkjet printing technology is characterized by high quality, low cost and environmental protection.

With the demand for real-time reading of board edge codes, real-time generation and printing of two-dimensional barcodes board by board, 

inkjet printing technology has become the only means that cannot be replaced, and can greatly adapt to the market pressure of rapid product changes. 

Thus in a real sense it can realize the personalized demand of products and rapid switching of production lines. 

This will bring higher added value to your PCB product manufacturing and increase customer orders for you.

At present, the mature inkjet printing equipment in the PCB industry mainly includes legend printing equipment such as flexible, rigid and rigid-flexible printed boards. 

And the solder mask inkjet printing equipment will also begin to enter the market in the near future.