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LK600i Max Automatic Production Line

LK600i Max Automatic Production Line

LK600i Max full automatic inkjet printing production line is suitable for rigid PCB printing with the size of 26” x 32”. Its core part of the automatic production line is composed of two inkjet printers and one automatic panel turnover machine in the middle. Automatic production is realized in horizontal transport mode, and the production efficiency can reach up to 6panels/min.

Due to the use of tiled left and right double worktables, the LK600L automation line actually contains two printing and transport lines working in parallel. Even if one line fails, the other line is still keeping on production, which has the natural downtime backup function.

The LK600i Max Plus automation line also features an OPTIONAL ultra-large size of 26” x 48”to further meet customers' requirements. The inkjet printing efficiency of ultra-large panel size is about 30-40% of normal size.

In addition to standard configurations, customized requirement is supported for different panel size and thickness.