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FPC Printing

AR30LK Roll-to-Roll High-Speed Inkjet Printing Unit

AR30LK Roll-to-Roll High-Speed Inkjet Printing Unit

Standard or the high precision configuration for normal FPC can be selected depending on the printing precision requirements.

Automatic and continuous production of coiling materials is capable of realizing unattended operation and reducing labor cost.

Constant tension control can be realized by parametric configuration.

Automation unit with modular design can be selected freely to realize multi-function combination

Optional online real-time rating module is capable of evaluating the inkjet printing quality of 2D barcodes.

Optional plasma cleaning unit is capable of improving substrate surface quality and enhancing ink adhesion.

Optional hot drying and winding unit can replace the traditional process oven or tunnel furnace.

Compact equipment structure has advantage of small footprint with flexible and simple operation and high cost performance.