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LK750FU Inkjet Printing Automatic Unit

LK750FU Inkjet Printing Automatic Unit

With years of technology accumulation, HI-PRiNT Technology is committed to continuously improving customers’ experience, researching and developing newly exclusive FPC inkjet printing intelligent and automatic solutions.

Special automation unit is suitable for 250mm wide FPC

With double worktables and double load transport system, daily production capacity is up to 6,600 panels.

With the industry’s 1st double tiled parallel carriers (HPCR™), thickness measurement, CCD alignment, clamping and load transport can operate in parallel with inkjet printing to achieve maximum efficiency.

Independently developed embedded double forklift load transport system (HFTS™) is capable of realizing intelligent production without manual operation.

Stacked products in and out are highly compatible with FPC production flow attributes.

Advanced four-level safety system design meets requirements of customized configuration, and ensures human and machine safety.